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An awesome take on an old NES game

A beautiful take on a fairly good NES game (Balloon Fight) which improoves on the original, and then some.

Graphics: Without a doubt, a shining Point, everything is light, colorful and cute, but not to the point that it should where it might make someone cute. The customization is some of the best i've seen. Extremely Professional and easy to use and understand.

Sound: Other then a sound effect here and there there isn't that much, but due to the excellent option of adding your own mp3's to the list. You can make this a top choice for sound. An excellent idea.

Interactivity: Controls are smooth for the most part, and navigation of the game is easy. A joy. Not to mention the great in-game instructions.

Style: In the catagory of a remake the smashes the original out of the ballpark, i'd have to give this one a Thumbs up in style.

Violence: Very pathetic violence, at the most a person gets eaten by a fish (which is humorous). Good choice on not adding senselss gore to the game that is perfect for all ages.

Humor: Not super-exceedingly funny, but all the characters in it have their own charm and distinct fun. Which is all they need.

This is an excellent little Game. Highly Recomended. You are one of the greatest flash producers to grace this site.

Qrtr 2

Their are some quick problems with the quiz that can be fixed up quickly, and some that i think you'll just need a quick new idea before you move on.

Works fine, it's a bit akward to see the black letters next to the white ones on some of the questions. I know it was just so you could read it over the characters, but it was a bit sloppy and unprofessional. Why not just have a different question or character there?

A quick final fantasy toon it sounds like. it works. Nice quality, yay.

Now this bothered me a bit, the text are buttons when you created them, but you actually have to click the text on it to choose it. you should try to put invisible blocks behind the text so you can click around the text blocks to make them easier to click on! (sorry, that was a bit hard to understand. i think you know what i'm saying. :) )

The style goes down a bit as it's just a simple quiz that doesn't seperate itself from other ones. It wasn't bad, but there was nothing that jumped out at me. Why not try to spice it up with a "where is this final fantasy tune from?" or "What is wrong with this picture" by giving a an errorsome picture from the game. etc.

on another topic, not everyone has played this game, so it'll only be fun for a small select audience. The audience is quite hardcore though, so they'll eat it up! But this game belongs on a Final Fantasy or video game website, and not as much on a place like newgrounds.

No violence that i saw. . .doesn't need it anyways. This won't effect your overall grade.

No real humor here that i saw. But there was really none intended. so it balences out.

either way keep it up. i'd like to see another game made by you. :)

A quick cute game!

Wow! The main reason this game works as someone actually knows the meaning of design.

Most people decide right away to make a quick hard game so people can't finish it easy. You on the other hand knew what you were doing and decided to make it actually possible to learn and do. And the game is fun!

For a few suggestions, how about having some cute background music for it?

also. You could possibly make the enemies look a little more attractive. Their look bugs me a bit for some reason, i'm not sure why.

Sure, ideas of this game have been done before. But it's still fun and it's done well. Excellent Job.

Camillo responds:

thanks man. I never thought about doing a sequal or anything, but... maybe i will. if i do, rest assured everything will be improved, design, enemies, music, story, levels. once again thanks for your considered review.

Ben And Music

Well what can i say about this one.

The whole thing seems to be dissapointing in a way, the animation is smooth, and the beat up picture of ben seems a bit too cheezy-ish kind of photoshopping.

It's not clear whether it's Ben's health or yours on the side bar.

I feel like this game is nothing but subliminal advertising. The music in the background, i was hoping that button would turn it off rather then give an ad about the group.

Also, the shirt brand label also reeks of it.

Over all dissapointing, but you have the skills, create something that means something to you next time.

Fighting Robots from japan!

A nice fighting games.

Nice physics, and the bosses were hard! Super moves are quite well done it's a joy to play.

The controls are quite good, except it can be a bit difficult to undertsand the controls of the boss robot.

The graphics are cute and simple, bosses are fairly varied and interesting, but i think we could've had different backgroudns to fight in to give it a bit more variety. It's kind of annoying when a robot is aiming forwards however and a rocket flies out of it's back at you, it's just a bit confusing and should be fixed up.

Overall an enjoyable, the japanese text problem may annoy viewers, but that's not taken into regard as this is one enjoyable online game. keep it up!

You can't touch what you can't see.

Sonic and his group basically look like how they should. But does anyone really want to see sonic characters naked? Meh.

Music intro didn't need voice-over sound. :)
The music was the music. How about cranking some sonic the hedgehog tunes in it? Or did you? i haven't played sonic in a while...

Pretty interactive and easy to use, but not really fun. Sorry...

It's sort of been done..

No violence. Thank god. heh

Nothing that funny really. I'm sorry. I hate being curel in these things. heh.

I'd give it 6.5 if i could.


The Graphics are okay, but some seem to be a bit rushed, why not use the real icons for Windows XP rather then the ones used here? But this is minor complaints. It was fairly nice overall.

Sound was amusing, especiall when you shut off the computer, or the "Jump" or most anything. Only two minor complaints would be the shakeyness of the Windows 'Medium' Player thing, but i think that was done purposely.

In general, this look kind of like a re-make of the "Windows RG" flash i've seen before. I recycled idea, but still with good ideas.

N/A. Good, because no one really wants to see violence if they are going to see this.

Some of it didn't grab me very much at first, but it was actually pretty funny in general. The Clear Screen, the 'size over speed', the msn, and the groaning humor of "Run". The Bill Gates jokes are a bit trying at times, but it's a minor complain as its mostly genuinely funny.

The only thing i question in general is the originality of this one, keep it up though. You are teeming with ideas i can tell.

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